Your Route to Immigration Through Development

In an increasingly globalized world, economic powerhouses like the United States prioritize job creation and technological innovation in industrial pursuits. The U.S. attracts the brightest and most advanced entrepreneurs and investors who can grow the national economy and contribute to advancement in employment, production, and manufacturing. The EB-5 program allows for interested investors to streamline their immigration process through investing in safe and growing businesses within the states. By investing in an American business, you can forge a path to permanent citizenship for you and your family in the United States of America, and take advantage of the best education and lifestyle opportunities on the world market. Contact us today for information about how investment can translate to citizenship.

About Us

Midwest Investments for America provides an avenue for foreign nationals to achieve permanent United States citizenship through investment in designated Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) for which the United States government is seeking jobs creation initiatives. At Midwest Investments, we match foreign investors with development projects in order to allow investors and their families to apply for citizenship through the U.S. EB-5 program. Many regional centers facilitate citizenship through investment for foreign nationals, but they do not guarantee successful returns to their investors. Rather, they simply help to match investors with projects and process the proper documentation for citizenship. Once the money is invested, these regional centers are focused on the project rather than the investor. At Midwest Investments, we do things a bit differently. We match foreign investors only with safe, profitable projects that have the best potential for profitable returns. This means that our investors don't just gain citizenship; they gain a profitable business venture. We also provide comprehensive services to guide investors and their families through the entire naturalization process, ensuring that they receive not just temporary Green Cards, but full and permanent residency in the United States. With offices in the United States and throughout the world, we provide a network of consultants and attorneys to assist investors in their pursuit of residency. We offer real estate services and education placement, relocation services, investment consultation, and immigration advisement to ensure that our clients have access to profitable ventures, superior lifestyle and educational opportunities, and a smooth journey through the legal immigration process in order to build a better life in the United States.

Every family wants to open doors of opportunity for their children for success and fulfillment. The Midwest Investments of American program is one of the safest and most direct paths to helping your family achieve a better life in the United States.

What is EB-5?

The world is full of resources, and the most valuable of these resources are the minds and motivation of entrepreneurs. A growing economic market requires new job opportunities and investments to flourish, and the United States has created an immigration process that meets that need. Foreign investors breathe life into our economy through an influx of resources, which creates domestic jobs and bolsters growth within the U.S. In order to attract investment, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offers the EB-5 program for foreign nationals to obtain citizenship through investment in domestic industries. Foreign investors can make a safe investment that leads to permanent resident status through job creation by working with a Regional Center. These centers match investors with opportunities that stimulate the American economy and pave a path to citizenship, and all of its benefits, for investors and their families.

Comprehensive Immigration and Investment Services

Immigration to the United States is a complex process. Investment in a foreign industry carries risk. That's why Midwest Investments for America exists- to streamline the immigration process to make it easy and accessible for foreign investors and to match investors with low-risk, profitable investment opportunities that pave the path to citizenship and provide a profitable return rate on initial capital commitment. There is no need to lose investments in order to achieve citizenship; through a Regional Center like Midwest Investments, foreign nationals can obtain permanent residence for themselves and their families while also profiting from a business investment. That's because we match investors with profitable companies that create American jobs in growing industries like green energy and communication technology. During the process, we provide real estate services and immigration services so that your transition to the United States is smooth and easy. We make moving simple through comprehensive services, and we help investors navigate the complex immigration process so that they can take advantage of U.S. citizenship through capital investment.

Midwest Investments for America Service Offerings