Because there are already so many Regional Centers dedicated to EB-5 programs, we operate a little bit differently, giving ourselves a market edge and better serving our investors. Most Regional Centers are opened by developers in order to launch their own projects using EB-5 money because the interest rate on EB-5 funding is lower than that of traditional financing. However, if their project has an issue, their duty is to their project, not to their investors. Midwest Investments of America acts more like an EB-5 bank than a developer— our investors deposit money, and we loan it to reliable projects. By using the low-interest rate that EB-5 money offers, we entice many strong developers to our region, and we only choose the projects that are the strongest and safest for our investors. Because our duty is to our investors, not to the project in which we invest, we can secure extra collateral from the developer that they would not offer to investors alone.