Our understanding of American tourism helps us put together a perfect trip in the U.S .for our clients and potential investors. We can facilitate any number of people of any age, for however many days. We can personalize the trip to meet your family’s desires, whether you are here for investment, business, education, or just fun. We have successfully arranged tours for schools, businesses, individuals, and families of all sizes. We also provide any and all translation and interpretation assistance that our clients may need in order to provide the highest quality tour experience.


In addition to your EB-5 investment, Midwest Investments of America is happy to recommend investments in real estate, development, and other industries for your financial benefit. We offer a range of diverse and profitable investment opportunities, including:

  • Hotels
  • Historic renovation projects
  • Private-public joint partnerships
  • Investment in public ventures such as healthcare
  • Leasing, refinancing, resale, and other exit strategies for short-term investments to guarantee capital return
  • Limited investment projects that are less speculative, and therefore safer, in nature
  • Mixed-use development projects

We are proud to offer investment opportunities in development hubs such as Ohio, which offers opportunities for investment in growing industries such as biotech, communications, and sustainable and green development projects. We specialize in offering investment routes that maintain the “at risk” requirement of the EB-5 program but that are also small and low-risk, within rapidly expanding industries, in order to ensure a profitable rate of return on capital investments for our clients.


Midwest Investments for America has contacts with developers and custom home builders to build custom homes for our investment clients. We also partner with a network of real estate agents across the United States who speak Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese to help our clients tour, select, and buy the best homes for themselves and their families.


The small stuff shouldn’t become big problems. We will help you open a bank account, buy a car, get an international SIM card, and refer you to an accountant who speaks your native language to help with your taxes. Our relocation services are comprehensive- from finding housing to academic enrollment for dependents, we provide a full range of services designed to ensure a smooth transition into the United States.



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